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Today a few days before the advent of Eid, a strange combination of scenes of happiness and grief seemed to be seen. All the Muslims would have been waiting for Eid Day with anxiety. And there was a holiday between Ramadan and the holy month of Shawal. It would have been sad to know that next year, it will be a blessing again whether or not in our fate. One night in this month, Lalitah al-Qadr's reward is better than the worship of thousands of months. This month is the reward of every good deed for seventy times more, and the promise of fasting is Allah Almighty.

All Muslims have taken control of their own souls in this Holy month. They kept the nights, worshiping Allah for most of the time. And other Muslims are also worshiping in hopes of getting maximum reward. The heart was happy and satisfied. Common Muslims pledged that they would live in the same way the rest of the year. 

Sweets shops in street coaches are extended to the road three days ago, putting the bottom of the tent to the bottom and putting them on sweets to keep them on the day of Eid should be sweets towards their loved ones. In that era, the present culture of bakery was not produced during this period, nor was China's famous bakery during this period. There were different small bakeries in the palaces. There were three four bakery items. There was no idea of bakery's current items. Apart from sweets shops, drink bottles used to increase shops to the streets, at that time there were no bottles of liters, diarrhea, or dried dumplings. Regular bottles were only, relatively low of the tablet's bottle was reduced. They used to be less, it was far away that in addition to sweets bottle and pan food was considered as tradition of Eid Gifts to Pakistan.

The penguins and four sets of wooden woven heavenly swings were present, the children celebrated the 'Eid festival', bought toys on return and took the way to the house while taking the path towards the house, although they were ready to eat the meal. Usually it was the same, but it was especially a year of meat or poultry on this eid. The breeds of birds were no longer the boiler poultry culture. People used to meet their loved ones, especially those who were sent to celebrate friends and loved ones, they would get rid of all the throat, they were considered to be the special ingredients of Eid. Life was simple in that era, but it had its own fun and style .Just decorate the men's tents and keep their cards by night. There was not plenty of traffic like today.

Women's Moon Night, Mehdi and Eid

The moon looked like women were busy cleaning the house, refrigerators and freezers were not common during this time, meat used to come early in the morning, but garlic, onions and ginger were also cut off. Fried or new sheets were put on wedges or beds. Women used to embark on all the work done by completing the house and plucked the straw in water, laying the soluble on the hands and laying down, because the concept was that as soon as the henna comes darker, it becomes odd after the fever. Smell spread into the atmosphere, but it was considered as the most important tradition in the tradition of Eid. In addition to women and children, there was also scarcity on the hands of small children, in the morning women, children and children got up and washed hands and each other showed that the color of which color is deeper, during that time the women went out night. The exit was considered as an obligation, so the bangles and the small thick jewelery which contain pearls necklace and thumbs were purchased before the evening.

On the eid morning the women used to make sweets in their homes. Then their sweets were distributed to the locals. When the children kept small plates filled with trousers in tray or throat, knocking each door in the middle, Eid's special environment Born. Some other living abroad may choose online mithai, cakes, chocolates, flowers, combo gifts, personalized eid cards and many other gifts conveniently. Sowing in the houses was considered as an essential tradition of Eid. Since the palm or sweet dish is eaten before the Eid prayer, then men also used to eat the rams and went out for the festival. 

Thick beads were worn in a throat and a handbags were worn in the hands of men, men and women entered the houses as soon as they came home and congratulated them, as well as the children of AIDA Demand starts, usually a cash or a rupee was given, but a rupee was too much in that era. According to the rays, the parents are married and taken, the parents of married children also got to their homes after completing the Eid prayers and customized Tawfaqs were distributed to their children, daughters and children. The beds were made of their parents' sves and tea. Or divorce for a drink. This demonstration of love appeared in every house. Mutual relations with people were very strong, there was no distinction. Women and children in the houses started to come to each other's homes, with this tricky, Eid's traditional color seemed to be seen.

The old ideas of henna now have been too late. "Who are the markets" of many types, who are prepared with the help of Mahanjee Chemicals, instead of letting them get rid of Mahadiya instead of "Who Mahandi and Sangeen", make beautiful flower plants and museums. Now, instead of simple make-up, the modern make-up market is available, hundreds of make-up items are available, now a dozen items are simple-made, hundreds of make-up products make up their products. But by attractive advertising, common women have also put on the way to enjoy dozens of things for them to enjoy their lack of money. I now go to a beauty parlor in the days of Eid is also considered essential. Many types of Jatts are made to make women look beautiful and absorbent in these beauty parlors. Most women working in the street paramilitary streets are uncomfortable, make-up equipment is non-standard but still the hours of women do not come. Now the streets of the streets do not see the atmosphere of elegance and incomplete, everywhere appear to be exhibit scenes.

There is a certain culture in inner and adjoining areas, another festival is seen in the defense, a different environment exists in the new population. There are more types of festivals in the backward areas, the festivities of the flats and the thighs. It does not give a permanent comfort, but it feels a "duty" after the Eid prayer that everyone has to send a message of Eid Mubarak, to call a close friend of the person. Many of the unwanted people are also going to visit houses, many unwanted people coming to their homes, with "artificial smiles and grief" I have to do and also their servant, would not have to go to the newly established shopping malls and resorts with families.

Employees working in government employees and other organizations are usually paid precaution before the Eid, this tragedy is spent on the preparations of the Eid before Eid. Then how can I spend the entire month? Now, on the eid, the clothes and shoes were bought on the first festival, they were worn throughout the year, now this culture has changed. 

An expert economist says that the festival of Eid is very important for our economics and economics. If seen, the 65-year-old purchase of clothes, make-up, bangles, jewelery and jewelery is on the occasion of eid, due to which Annamomi's wheels are running, it becomes even worse. Their curiosity is Taylor, specialist make-up and many professions of medieval medals, on the eid shopping, at least three million people get daily breaks in the days of Eid. Money comes out from the hand of the impartial people, but in those days, the difference between the rich and the poor is even more apparent. The biggest thing is that a religious festival of religious religion does not seem to be seen.

The way the religion is celebrated in the present era, the color of religion has become very tremendous. There are no scenes of brotherhood and gatherings, now the eid cards are not sent on the occasion of eid. A few years ago, the citizens of Lahore did not go to the house immediately after the Eid prayer. They stood in front of the street to meet the poor people, until all the people could not get a feast, until all the people did not congratulate each other, they would not go home even now, especially in these scenes. Is going The philosophy of Eid is weakening. Innovations are ending in the tradition that they have their own beauty.

Due to the fear of terrorism, law enforcement agencies are present on their duties. Even during the Eid prayer, the police officers are completely alert and protect the prayers. Eid prayers are offered for shadow of guns.

Now the shops and sweets do not make sweets and sweets, the sweets have fallen significantly, even the famous sweets of Lahore are being shaken. Instead, bakery has created a new culture, now bakery sells sweets, but instead of sweets, dear cats and cats, pizza and other bakery items are sent to friends, now ice cream, Sharwarama and Burger's new culture has begun. Now people turn aside from historical buildings instead of historical buildings, now they go to shopping centers and other places instead of the festival. In this innovation the old traditions and customs traditions are also going to end.

The tradition of going to the dear relatives now is decreasing. Upper middle class and tailor people take the same party together by joining the same party. Many people are indifferent and lonely on today's day, the feeling of patience, ignorance, worship, worship, and worship, which is born in Ramadan. Perhaps we have been blessed with our lives; Psychiatry, selfishness, and individuality have also acknowledged the happiness of Eid; everywhere there are unusual landscapes, but unbelievers and forced people around them. Do not have time to think too. Alongwith Eid Gifts catalogue we have arranged mothers day gifts, fathers day gifts, friendship day gifts, christmas gifts, new year gifts, valentines day gifts and much more. Eid al-Fitr is a collective religious festival, but we are already scattered alone. Self-explicit and false splendor has made even more distinctions between the sects. The feeling of segmentation is increasing further. Now on the one hand of the Eid festival, the wealth of the government is seen, on the other hand depicts depression, feelings and grief. Overall inflation has also taken place for people's lives. The reserves have taken away the happiness of the Eid from the public.

Fine Courses for General and Mutual People

Prayer should be distributed among the astronauts before the Eid al-Fitr, so that they can also celebrate the celebrations of this religious festival, fitr Wheat, Jao, Palm or Kishmish or it can be paid according to its current value. According to religion, according to religion, Muslims should pay for the price of wheat, but miscellaneous people pay an equal amount equal to the price of palm or kashkum. It is fast to pay for equally beneficial people as compared to the price of crises. There is no reason for salvation and salvation by spending more and more wealth in Allah's way. The amount of wealth is more rewarding than white skulls rather than professional weaknesses, in particular circumstances, the amount of money can be paid as "Aadi" so that its respect is not obligatory, but the intention of giving It should be used to pay fatally, more than a fixed amount can be paid. There is no limit for religion in Islam.

The End of the class Differences

The Eid al-Fitr is the funeral of the Muslim community and the unity of Muslims, the day of 'Aisha' (divide) the blessings, blessings and blessings of Eid al-Fitr al-Allaah, the real spirit and cleansing of that day, It is in love, affection and feeling. Individualism and waste expenditure have been prohibited, but most of them are extremist and astronomical.Beverage costumes are made, expensive items, accessories and accessories are bought, thousands of make-up makers are made for decorations, foods are available in the most expensive hotels and restaurants. Children are toured to the most expensive places, expensive on swinging swings, the wealth is confined to God's refuge, this day is the day to receive God's pleasure and pleasure, reduce the class divide It is a day to eradicate the rich and the poor. The class divide is seen on the day of Eid, the end of the happiness, the other side of the world, the deprivations, the weaknesses and the arrows. On that day, instead of cleansing, humorousness, humility, it is more often seen as an illness, self-determination and selfishness.

Fear scenes in Eid's happiness

There are many areas and individuals who do not get a holiday on the Eid, the forces of Pakistan Rangers, the police, etc. People working at shops, restaurants, shops, sweets, bakery and local cake shops in Pakistan, in the private sector are fulfilling their responsibilities on the occasion of Eid. They deserve special attention. On the eid day, a 9-year-old kid was working on a burger shop and I asked, "Why did not he leave for the eid holiday?" He replied, "I am an orphanage child, my mother is ill, two sisters. Today I will get two hundred rupees extra and the tip will get something more. I'll take my chicken meat to home and then we will cook chicken. My mom and my younger sisters will be happy. "I heard something about something that was strange to me. People were sitting in cars with their children and their happiness was pleasing. No one was aware of this child. Allaah has blessed the people with their blessings. They consider only their own rights and their children's rights. The Prophet (Peace and Blessings of Allaah be upon Him) saw a sad orphaned child in his time. When the child had taken to the house, the Prophet said, "I am your father, then he was given to wear the clothes of Imam Hussain. Now there was no helpless child in Madina." And what is here in our so called civilized communities...???