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About Us - Prime Gift Service Pakistan

Vision and Mission Statement:

Our mission is to conveniently make available to customers around the globe to shop and deliver within Pakistan the finest quality gifts ranging from Decoration, carpets, clothing designs and accessories and million other gift ideas from flowers and cakes to books, artworks, electronics, appliances and high-end tech gadgets at affordable prices. In this venture we hope to bring to the forefront, the unique people, skills and products that the Pakistani culture has to offer. We are offering our customers an opportunity to experience the rich and colourful ideas of the region, royal mystique of centuries’ old tradition, and above all the skills and hard work of its people.

Prime Gift Service A Unique Business Story:

Our idea for a premium quality gift portal serving the Pakistani expatriate community originated in December of 2009. went live in October of 2014. The ride from a promising idea to where we are today has been great. We have expanded our product line and made great vendor relationships on our way, all along trying to maintain the highest service quality for our customers. Whether these customers are in the Midwest or the Middle East, they can place an order for Prime Gifts any time. … we are an e-commerce player, but what distinguishes us are some exciting facts and some unique stories and ideas. Being the top best in pure end customer online product and services from Pakistan, the portal website is quite new. Indeed there are a few other websites that offered gift deliveries to Pakistan but can proudly state that we are the only venture with over 2000 unique and combination product and gift ideas. Pakistanis across the globe will be using gift ideas to send their wishes along with cakes, flowers, gift hamper baskets, electronics, baby shower gifts, wedding sentiments and thousands of other products to be delivered anywhere and everywhere in Pakistan (and soon in India, UK, USA, Saudi Arabia, ) any time… sometimes even at 12:00 mid night… in some cases in the middle of wedding halls. We have progressed rapidly among the ranks and listings of favorite sites, or most-visited websites by Pakistanis across the country and four corners of the world. launch in Pakistan:

Starting 2014, has taken the step to initiate and ramp up a mega effort of establishing roots of E-commerce activity and more over use of Internet Enabler protocols within the large-scale and vibrant fast growing Pakistani market. has been a unique and hugely successful business case-study. takes Pride… takes pride in leading Pakistan and Pakistanis into the Internet age of this new generation. As we continue our tradition of venturing into service ideas that are unique, we promises to keep developing products and services that truly create value for our customers, Pakistanis within Pakistan and around the world who deserve the very best.

For the Non Resident Pakistanis who are far away from home, we offer them a chance to feel close to those loved ones they have left behind. gives them an opportunity to show their family and friends that though they are far away, they are only one click away.

Customer Service:

Our customer support operates 24*7 from:

E-mail: [email protected]
Mobile#: +92-300-434-4968 and +92-345-534-3471 (for Pakistani Customers)
WhatsApp#: +92-300-434-4968 (for Customers World-Wide)

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