When we think of autumn, we often think of the sunflower. This flower is an annual high perennial with some species that grow to a height of 120 inches or more. All have a broad flower head with bright yellow ray petals and a yellow to brown disc inside.

Bright and cheerful

This bright and cheerful flower blooms in the middle of summer and lasts until autumn. So it is a great autumn flower for any room or garden. It is known that sunflowers attracted many different types of insects, especially bees and monarch butterflies. This beautiful flower comes in 70 different species ranging from very high to dwarf. Everone likes giving and getting presents and you are going to love our send gifts to Pakistan service comprises with the beauty of flowers in Pakistan. Since there are many, we can not talk about each one, so we only choose 4, the Pakistani Giant Sunflower, the Junior Sunflower, the Copper Sunflower, and the Solar Energy Sunflower.

Pakistani Giant Sunflower

The sunflower looks very classic, as it reaches average a height of 2m in height. This flower is supported by a strong and resistant stem and has large leaves that are topped with 10 inches of golden yellow flowers.

Sunflower Junior

The smallest on our list today, the Junior Sunflower is just that, Junior. Reaching a height of only 4 inches, this plant is free of pollen. Do not let the height deceive you, this is a flower with a long period of flowering.

Sunflower copper queen

The Halianthus or better known as Copper Sunflower grows 6 to 8 feet tall and has beautiful golden yellow petals with a touch of copper. This flower looks impressive in any garden and, like all sunflowers, it does best in well drained soils.

Solar energy sunflower

Hilanthus annuus or as we call it Solar Power Sunflower. This flower has a uniform height of 6-8 inches and flowers in about 60-75 days. This is a powerful plant and works well with rain and wind, petals that range from a deep garnet and have orange tips. 

What flowers will you ask for?

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