Eid Gifts Delivery in Pakistan


Eid is the message of happiness, joy and pleasure. Pakistan Eid gifts delivery makes it easy to share eid gifts among your family, freinds and someone special in your life.

What is Eid?

Before digging up the date of Eid al adha let’s discuss what the EID is? Eid meaning in English is joy or feast of joy or it can be event of joy. Eid titled festival is a celebration specially belonging to Muslims. The eid is not a social festival and nor a cultural occasion but it is pure religious event, that is celebrated among Muslims all over the world. If we go more deep then in fact Eid is a name of prayer for thanking Almighty Allah. Before going for Eid prayer cleaning teeth, taking bath, wearing new best shows, new best cloths and using fragrances are all the deeds considered very important on that day of Eid and known as sunan, the practices, of the Last Prophet of Allah Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam). Now days, most of the families started receiving these eid gifts in Pakistan from their relatives living in foreign, especialy the same day gifts to Pakistan. (Wikipedia.org)

Types of Eid:

There are two Eids in Islam and in the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam). Both of the Eids are offered on specific dates. One of the two Eids is Eid ul Fitr that is offered on 1st of Shawal (A.H) and the second one is Eid ul Adha, and this will be offered on 10th of Zil Haj (A.H). Both are the Eids are special for all the Muslims around the globe.

Eid ul Fitr:

Eid ul Fitr is the first most rejoicing Eid for the Muslim Ummah. After offering this Eid Muslims start congratulating eid other, then whole the day is spent in family gatherings, Eidi distribution among children, visiting renowned places, and making sweet dishes and serving the families and guests, most of Pakistani people living outside of Pakistan have been using eid gifts delivery in Pakistan. The Eid ul fitr 2019 will be observed on 5th June in Pakistan, exact date can vary country to country.

Eid ul Adha:

Eid ul Adha that is offered in the remembrance of Hadhrat Ibraheem (Alaihisalam) is the second Eid that Muslim Ummah commemorates. This Eid is read in big crowds in vast grounds and mosques throughout the world by Muslims. Eid al Adha 2019 is expected on 12th August, depending on the moon of Zil Haj (A.H). This Eid is well known for sacrificing the goats, cows and other Halal animals in the name of Allah, distributing meat among the needy people and in relatives as well. Like the Eid ul fitar you can send eid gifts to Pakistan on this Eid ul Adha as well, these gifts can be exclusive and inclusive of special eid cakes, mithai, flowers, bangles, eid cards, eid mugs, eid cushions and much more.